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The STP banner, originally posted on an Internet forum to criticize a group of folks (the "Posse") that regularly disagrees with MikeG - it's, like, art.


"Do it now, or STFU."


"Of course I knew what you meant- I'm just trying to be helpful."


"Karma's a bitch, motherfucker. You'll get yours."


"My side of the family has the money, and yes, as sole surviving heir I will be inheriting a fortune in the very near future."


"I have what is probably the rarest Hot Wheels car- it was never offered for sale and was only given to children who participated in Mattel's "toy-testing" program in the '60s (like me)."


"What a stupid thing to say."


"I can go either way."


"So you need to STFU and stop talking your shit NOW before your ass gets sued. I'm not playing."


"I already skipped-out on a fine from California- what's one more?"


"A little yoga would be good for all of us."


“After I got home from winning  ‘Best Motorcycle’ (that's #4) at the model contest up in Albany last night I had myself a coupla celebratory shots of Wild Turkey 101, a fat bowl of skunkiness, and watched some old Cisco Kid episodes on DVD. Life is good.”


“Cash is pretty tight for me right now, but I'd be happy to donate a surf CD to anyone who helps out with a donation of $20 or more as a thank-you.”


“Well, I just did some figuring and if I sent every donor a CD it'd end up costing me a lot more than I anticipated, owing to the terrific response by the members. Also, as my wife pointed out, it doesn't really help [Member] get to Texas, so I'm sorry but I'm going to have to retract my offer. I just wanted to do something to help, and right now my music is my only resource. Sorry, guys.”


“I'm trying not to hate so much- it's hard in today's world where it's real easy to find things to hate.”


“Winning is overrated- all the cool guys avoid it.”